Sunday, June 7

Bomber, Nike, and Ella Visit.

A note about the dried squid from the last entry. It is a delicacy in Asia, and can therefore be found in any respectable Oriental Market. Once the kids start, it does smell a bit like they are chewing on wet cow hooves. But I do enjoy a dried squid and beer every now and then.
Abby and Blue came for a few days at the beginning of the week, but I was out of town the entire time. By the time I got back home, we had new visitors. Bomber (Abby’s former brother), and Nike and Ella came to stay for a few days. Bomber and Nike were duking it out for top dog, while Stella laughed at them.
Bomber is a couch dog, and decided the best place on the couch was on Parker’s bed. Gotta get a bigger fuzzy bed for the greys, so Parker can actually use his.The girls were nice enough to share the couch with the new kid.When I tried to get an overhead shot, someone always followed me upstairs. So this is the best I could do. Clockwise from left is Bomber, Stanley, Stella, Jaime, Parker, Nike, and Ella.Bomber had a serious case of ETS while napping.He even had a bit of frontal ETS.Nike and her distinctive ears.Ella imitates her sister Nike by chewing on a toy and flopping her ears.


  1. Great pictures-the couch picture is excellant. How do you keep them from snarking at each other when so many are together laying down?

  2. we'd have heaps of asian grocery stores here. i can't believe i hadn't thought about that before. thanks for the warning about the smell.

    now it's time for my ETS, which leads to PSD--pillow-soaking drool.

  3. good grief! it is a zoo. so great to find you again --Kim

  4. Somehow it seems fitting that Parker is surveying the pack from above!

  5. I just love seeing that Greyhound train spread out across the couch!