Friday, March 6

Kids Enjoy Snow Day

Now that everyone else has posted their snow pictures, and some with second installments, my slow butt is posting my first.

Dexter was trying to snag the stuffie while running at full speed. Building up speed around the corner.
Flat out on the straightaway.
First attempt.
Back for more.This was his third attempt. His stinkeye says, ‘you try it and see how easy it is’.Success!Hey Stella! Look what I got.Stella enjoying her zoomie.Oh, she a crazy girl.She got a little worn out and decided to rest her rump for a minute.Parker is looking so old with his greying muzzle. A little Grecian Formula should take care of that.Stanley hates to see a stuffie left outside. He’s almost OCD about making sure that defenseless stuffies are taken back inside where he can use them as a head rest.Parker has it in his sights.Going in for the kill.What happened?Oh well. Guess it’s not as easy as it looks.Is Jaime eyeing a stuffie for her attempt?Nope. Just stalking the Parker Dog.After a few minutes, Stanley says he’s done and wants to go in. I think our kids are out of shape.


  1. Great pictures!!! That one of Stella is awesome. Dexter looks like he is having a blast at the Park Hotel : )

  2. What fantastic action shots! I especially love the ones of my girl Stella...and Stanley is so cute with his need to take in the stuffies. Looks like Dexter is having fun...


  3. You always have the best pictures!! It's hard to pick a favorite. Parker's mug shot is adorable, but I think Stella's wild woman look takes the prize this time :)

  4. Your photos are fantastic, and I'm so glad you posted them! H&J were stuck inside this week as we had downed lines across the yard. :(

  5. check out the following website...they have a dog friendly coffee collection featuring ALL GREYHOUNDS!!! very cool (and delicious)! also, they donate $1/lb sold to the mobile greyhound park.

  6. Stella is the absolute best SMILER I have seen! She even smiles when she's running crazy wild! Thanks for the pictures - they're terrific. Our annual snow of 2" wasn't anything to write home about - Hiram, GA.

    Poolie's Pooch Palace

  7. stella knows how to give good photo.

    but then she goes and plops her bum in the snow. her bare bum. my bits shivered in sympathy.

  8. Don't feel bad, I still haven't posted my snow pics.

    Great shots!

  9. Your snow pics are always so awesome!