Monday, March 2

Aubry Visits & Wine Expo

Aubry came to visit from Santa Fe. It’s been about a year and Stella really missed her Aunt Aubry. She was being a hooptie, bouncing up and down. Endlessly chattering. And snuggled with Aubry every chance she got.On Saturday, we went down to Richmond for the Wine Expo. Unlike last year, we got in within minutes, and there was plenty of space in the aisles, so we weren’t bumping and grinding everyone.
After a few rows of wine tastings, the girls start to get to the huggy stage.Conjoined wine tastingA couple more rows and everyone has a happy wine face. Trina might be closer to a smirk and stinkeye :)Back home, Aubry and Kris play a little Mario Kart to wind down. Dexter, Stella, and Jaime’s rump cheering them on. Parker is cheering from under the covers.


  1. Isn't the Wii great? We all make giant fools of ourselves playing it :)

  2. has it been a year already? i remember when you failed in your attempts to keep aubry.

    love the girly shots.

    a year.

    man. time flies. slow down!

  3. The wine expo was great! Glad you guys had fun too!

  4. i was giving you the stink eye for taking photos of me! ;-)

  5. Conjoined wine tasting is the only way to go!

    I had a great time back in VA and miss you guys very very very much...can't wait until we meet up again and get the wine flowing, the karaoke singing, the Wii competitions, and of course the fantastic stories, drunken philosophy, and the best company anyone can ask for.

    I MISS Y'ALL!!!!

  6. I am jealous - I want to snuggle with Stella : )