Thursday, July 24

Bossie & Boys' Birthdays

        VAGA had a haul this past weekend. Rex and Linda picked them up in NC, and we did a little swap in Fredericksburg. The three fawn kids went on to Carolyn’s for adoption.
                CNN News Flash, currently known as Flash, joins his new family. He’s a handsome boy. Abigail already seems infatuated with him. Hey, hey, are you my new brother? Bomber says, hey, take a picture of me. I’m handsome too.
        Bossie, the brindle in the first pic, came back home with me. She joined our regular crew as well as the Pine kids who were with us for the weekend. Can you count all eight? They were just flopping down in random spots in the yard.
        Last time Jasmine was here, I took a pic of her eating a tree in the yard. This time, she just decided to eat her brother, Luke. He has that look like, jeez, not again.
        Bossie is a sweet little girl. Not sure why they called her that. She is somewhat shy, and definitely not bossy at all.
        She learned to do the stairs after watching someone else do it. Then she went through the doggie door after just watching. I think she probably learned to be a master roacher on her own. What great form.
        She was happy to have a yard to run around in. So happy, she did her T-Rex impression.

        She’s a teeny brindle with cute little white feet. Kris couldn’t stand it, and we cut her nails not long after this pic was taken.
        Hey Bossie, look at the camera. Looks like she didn’t expect me to sneak up with the camera while she was trying to take a nap.
        The pool has been on our deck for weeks. No one even stepped in it. Till Bossie.

        Boys’ Birthdays.
        Stanley turned 6 this past weekend. Here is one of our favorite pics of him. We need to get him a helmet if he’s going to play serious ball. He’s such a sweet boy. We just love the big goofy boys.
        Parker turned 9 this week. Always funny how people try to adopt him at a greyhound Meet ‘n Greet because they think he’s a puppy we’re trying to get rid of. Of course if they have a treat in their hand, Parker would be happy to leave.


  1. Happy Birthday Stanley and Parker!! :)

    Greyt pics!

  2. Stanley is the cuuuuutest with that football. Bossie looks adorable in the pool. She is so happy to be a lady of leisure, isn't she? And those white little piggies...

  3. what a collection of photos. hard to decide which is my favourite. hm. t rex. that was an excellent call. now i'm spooked.

  4. Happy birthday,Stanley and Parker-choo!!!
    Your mommy didn't tell me that it was your birthdays or your godmother would have CERTAINLY sent you a gift.
    bad mommy...;-)

  5. Happy birthday Stanley and parker! I am sure that you were spoilt rotten!