Tuesday, July 8

4th of July Celebrations

Gotta love a long July 4th weekend. Friday we went over to Abigail and Bomber’s house for a cookout. We could see the smoke from the grill as we pulled up. Since we still had a houseful, we only took our greys.
Bomber is such a handsome boy. But he’s not afraid to wink and show a little (ok, a lot) of tongue.
Abigail says, what? Speak up. Can’t hear you. I think she used them as air brakes to slow down after a race.
Bomber says no more goofy shots. I need one of me looking regal.
All the kids hanging out on the patio while we enjoy the cooler weather after the storm passed.
On Saturday, we went to the Petco Meet ‘n Greet. It was too hot and steamy to stand outside.
After the MnG, we headed down to Trina’s. You can check out more pics at Trina’s blog.
Jaime enjoying a dip in the pool.

Stanley finally got his splint off a couple of days before the party. Run Forrest, Run!!!
Diego shows that a whippet can keep up with his greyhound big sister.

Blue shows Jaime how the pool is really supposed to be used. Naked rump and all.
Trina shows off the ‘Dana’ cookie. Allie says whatever! I look like that cookie too.

A full deck. ‘Scuse me. Need a refill.
Not enough beds? No problem. Ana with her mommy.


  1. check out bomber's thighs on that first one. muscle hunk!

    love the whatever cookie look. lots of tongue in this post.

  2. i wonder when that deck was built if they had to have special engineers to build it for X number of humans and 30 dogs! that looks like a lot of fun. those big ears on Ali are so cute. my girls just stand in the baby pool too - but if we hike and they see a stream - all bets are off.

  3. Clearly Abi's ears are bigger than her brain, but she is only 2!!!! And Bomber is as handsome as Abigail is pretty. I just wish we would have had some baby pools for the 4th! And those cookies...yummy.

  4. blue loves the baby pool...i need to find one that is bigger so he can really sprawl out! i'm so happy we got to see you guys- it's been too long!!

  5. That picture of Dana and Ally is too funny!! She really does have the whatever expression on her face. Classic. Looks like humans and hounds alike had a greyt fourth! :)

  6. A full deck is my kind of heaven - too many greys are never enough!