Monday, March 17

Stanley Goes To Sandy Paws

Stanley went with his mommy to Sandy Paws at Jekyll Island, Georgia. He rode with Doreen’s kids: Sidney, Roxie, and Tempest. I got to stay home with the girls and Parker. Following are a few of Doreen’s pics from the event.
Stanley (front) with Tempest and Roxie in the back of Doreen’s minivan. It was a nice 10 hour drive to Jekyll Island. Almost to the Florida border.
Kris walking on the beach with Stanley. Sidney enjoys soaking his paws in the waves. Roxie says, hey, don’t forget about me.

Kris bought a few things there. There were lots of vendors to shop at and seminars to attend. Stanley managed to get a new martingale collar. One of the other VAGA members who went down got more than a collar. Lynda managed to come back with a ‘cowgirl’. This makes girl number 5 for her. Congratulations Ted!
When Stanley got back, he was wiped out.
I was not without a big dumb brindle boy just because Stanley was at Sandy Paws. Topsail came to stay for the weekend while his parents were away. He loves his toys. This is just minutes after he got dropped off.
We had a dog haul this past weekend. Our kids are wondering if any of them are coming home with us. As a matter of fact, two of them did. Chaska, a black female, stayed with us for the afternoon till we could drop her off at her new home. Sunflower, a fawn female, is with us for a couple of weeks.
Sunflower stops to smell the honeysuckle.
Chaska ain’t the ‘stop to smell the roses’ type. She’s a runner. Her new home doesn’t have a fenced-in yard. So she was enjoying it while she had it.

She’s a petite little girl. What a cutie-pie.
It didn’t take very long for Sunflower to figure out stairs, doggie door, stuffies, and the dog bed.


  1. I love seeing Sunflower sit on a three high stack of dog beds.

    I'm glad I am no longer alone in the 5 hounds club.
    Deb : )

  2. We took Seka to the beach two years ago for the first time. She was scared to death of the ocean. She thought the foam from the waves was going to get her. So funny, yet oh so sad.

    Topsail knows where the toy basket is - thats for sure. Now, does he know how to put them back? That's the real question.

    Fantastic photos - as always.

  3. oh, i'd love to see the coin you flipped to see who went and who stayed home.

    stanley's stealing your wummun and taking her across state borders. i'd watch out. not too unlike someone's starts-with-c-and-rhymes-with-ally.

    i want to go to a greyhound convention. aw man. luckeeeee!

  4. Sandy Paws looked like a lot of fun!
    And Katy..Cali resembles that comment! ;-)