Sunday, March 30

Aubry visits and Babysitting the Pine Kids

        Aubry came back to Virginia for a visit. We threw a little party for her. I smoked a pork shoulder for 17 hrs on the Egg for pulled pork sandwiches. The smoked jalapeno poppers were also yummy. We had a handful of people and dogs. The kids probably thought it was just another playdate. They are always happy to see each other. Can you find all 11 greys, Parker, and Murphy in the picture?
        On a sad note, a few people and their dogs did not make it to the party. Jake and Libbie had gotten loose and were sadly found later the next day. To lose two kids so suddenly.... I know I was a basketcase after losing Lucas. I don’t have any pics of Libbie, but here is a picture of Jake (black with blue collar) with his three sisters and his mother, Ally.
        Kathy was watching a couple of senior sisters who came to the party. I dubbed them the ‘Golden Girls’.
        The Pine Kids came to stay with us for a week. Luke, Sandy, and Jasmine.
        Luke, Jasmine, and Sunflower do their Charlie’s Angel’s pose.
        Is she still following me?
        Licking her lips, Stella says, ‘Come to Momma’.
        Jaime has started to eat one of the oak trees in the yard. Jasmine being a copycat.


  1. I still hate that I had to miss Aubry's visit!!! Everything falls on the same weekend...sadly..Mom's birthday trumped it .but still! Bah!

    And I certainly cannot imagine the grief of loosing two at in peace little ones....

  2. (i hear that trina's mum is SIXTY!)

    i never walk home without wondering if mine got loose. a car crashed into our gate. now we have lost our first barrier. so sorry for their loss.

    regarding the party, did you put collars in a dish and play swap puppy?

  3. Baron likes to pick at trees too. Strange. He has picked up "dog" habits from Maggie.

  4. Thanks for posting such a nice picture of Jake and his doggie family. He was such a special boy. Everyone who met him fell in love instantly.
    Libby was a sweetheart too. She always had everyone laughing, especially her mommy. Jake & Libby will always be together and FOREVER in our hearts.

  5. jamie is chewing down a tree? Is she making a damn? Part beaver? Too cute!

  6. I love the Where's Waldo pic! that is so awesome! Great pics of my kids! Glad they were good for you! Jasmine will eat anything! She's like a billy goat!