Tuesday, January 9

Alexi Goes, Bella Comes Back

        We had Alexi as a foster for a few days from our last haul. She is a small black girl, and an absolute sweetie. No accidents in the house, learned how to use the doggie door by watching others, ravenous eater. I wish all foster were this easy. I had to attend a meeting in San Antonio for most of the time she was here. Hard to get back into work after being off for a week and a half. She fit in really nicely into our family. She was the foster that went.

        Alexi went, and Bella (RJ’s November) came back. She was adopted out in mid-August. She was returned to us because the family is in the military, and they were being transferred to a housing facility in California that didn’t allow dogs. At first, they were told that dog’s were allowed, but were supposedly told at the last minute that they were not. She was left with a friend who called and let us know what was going on. She was a bit on the skinny side, and a trip to the vet showed hookworm and roundworm. Panacur and a few extra cups of food a day should take care of that. She’s going on a home visit on Thursday, so she may already have found a new home.

        I managed to take a few shots of the kids sleeping during my vacation. Not hard to do since they don’t do much else. Stella is well known for her ETS. This usually involves roaching and having her tongue hang out over the couch so she looks like road kill. In this shot, she is imitating how Lucas usually sleeps; mouth open with a little bit of tongue hanging out the front.
This pic of Lucas shows one of his many goofy sleeping positions - this time it’s ears up and mouth open.
The couch shot shows everyone sleeping comfortably taking a break in between fosters coming and going. Just another afternoon napping on the couch.
The last shot answers the question of whether greyhounds can actually sleep standing up. I heard cows and horses do it. Why not greyhounds?


  1. wow! i have never seen one of ours standing up and zzzzing. nice! love the seepee pie shots. i envy you teh couch. my husband is convinced that teh couch is ours only. ...so i have to sneak them on when he's not around. they're well trained. they hear the car come in and they're off. he's none the wiser.

  2. Great pics, G! I love that goofy one of Lucas, he's so cute :) Stella has some new competition for which grey is the most photogenic!