Monday, September 11

Latest Orlando Haul

        Carolyn and Debbie got 6 dogs on the latest haul from Orlando. Carolyn just got a brand new Honda Odyssey minivan a few weeks ago. I think it it is well broken in now after going to Orlando and hauling back 6 greys (Shirley, Grace’s Hannah, Twisted Stix (Maggie), Titan Flame, Skillet Head aka Jill aka Grace, Sophie, and...).
        We went down to Trina’s for dinner Saturday night. Just to hang out and let the kids run around together. Haven’t done that in a while. Jason grilled us a tasty dinner. It’s nice to get grilled items that I don’t usually make for myself. I guess I need to expand my repertoire on the grill. They have a double bed in their spare room. That did not stop Stella, Parker and Dante from crawling into bed with us. Dana and Lucas slept on dog beds next to us. Shiloh’s a momma’s girl and didn’t join us. Needless to say, I woke up cramped and crooked.
        On Sunday, Carolyn and Debbie stopped by Trina’s and dropped off Twisted Stix aka Maggie. She was in heat so will have to wait to go the vet. We met the others at Central Park and I drove the 4 remaining girls to the vet in Purcellville. Titan Flame went with Carolyn to go to his forever home.
        I didn’t have any pictures from the weekend, so I dug this one up from last year. No one reads a blog unless there’s a picture with it :) We were fostering Rusty at the time. Looks like they have all seen a squirrel in the yard. Ready, Set, Go.

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