Sunday, September 24

Hannah Banana

        Hannah is still with us. She is turning out to be one spunky little girl. I’m quite mad at her right now. She has managed to chew threw two Mac laptop power cords and the one to my Dell work laptop. Stella chewed one before, and that was a $90 replacement. I was able to splice back together the two Mac laptop power cords and get them to charge. The Dell power cord will run the laptop, but not charge the battery. That should at least keep me going till I can order another one. I am glad she didn’t manage to electrocute herself. Guess we will have to be careful with fosters and power cords from now on. Otherwise, she is a real sweetie. She is learning how to cockroach on a dog bed. She is known to hoard enough toys on a dog bed that there is no space for her. She’s learned that chicken jerky treats come after we use the squirrel call to get everyone back in. She is a pro at the doggie door. I think we will easily find a great forever home for her.
        The first picture is of Lucas with his head sticking out of the side of the 4Runner after returning from last week’s Meet ‘n Greet. The 4Runner has a rear window that rolls down, so at stop lights, Lucas likes to stick his head out and entertain whomever is behind us. In the rear view mirror, I usually see people smiling and waving to him. Maybe we should get him some Doggles.
        The other picture is a painting from Jason’s mother (of Trina and Jason). This will be used for the VAGA Christmas cards. The painting itself will be framed and sold to help VAGA. I just don’t have that kinda creative talent, so I will just stick to taking pictures.

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