Monday, May 22

VAGA Picnic

Our annual VAGA picnic was held at the Elsbernd’s in Leesburg. They have a 2 acre fenced-in backyard. We had about 75 greys and over 100 people, and there was plenty of space for all the kids (human and canine) to run around and have fun. We were there from about 1-4pm. Our kids got to run around pretty much the entire time. They will be pooped for the next couple of days. We went up with Jason and Trina. We took Stella, Lucas and Angel. They brought Dana and Thunder. Our non-greys (Parker, Murphy, Shiloh and Dante) spent the day at my house. Highlights for the Park family: Kristen was introduced as a new board member and Lucas got the tallest/biggest greyhound award. We always knew he was a big lug. Also, we came back one dog down. A family from Waynesboro came to the picnic to check out Angel and left with her after signing official adoption papers. Their previous grey was a senior when they got him, and they were looking for a younger more active grey. Angel is young, active, and such a sweetie. Who will be our next foster???

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