Wednesday, November 26

Wildlife Wednesday

I haven’t used my Canon 7D as much after I got the Fuji X100S. But for action shots, and bird photography, it’s still my go-to camera setup. I realized I hadn’t downloaded pictures from it since back in June. Remembering warmer days on this cold rainy day.
It didn’t take long for the birds to figure out that free food was available. We had female cardinals.
And male cardinals.
Goldfinches. So colorful.
Black birds. Who weren’t happy the that feeders were low.
Squirrels. Who were happy to fill up.
The birds and squirrels learned to share.
Waiting for the rain storm to pass.
One bird ran into the glass door, and was shaken for a few minutes before flying off. Don’t think it appreciated me poking the camera in its face.
Even saw a Red-Headed Woodpecker.
Dragonflies buzzed around.
Baby deer were out and about.
Surprised a deer as I was going out for a run. Wasn’t too bothered, as it let me go back in to get the camera.
On the not so wild side, Maddux who doesn’t have a fenced in yard at home, took advantage of it while he was here.

Sallie telling her sister, Flicker, to Stop Digging.


  1. Beautiful wildlife photos, you got some great closeups.
    Dip Elliot and Lynne x

  2. What fab photos. You are so lucky to get such beautiful wildlife visiting.

    We have Goldfinshes, but they are very different to yours.

    Hope you have a good week. Happy Thanksgiving. Sue & Polly

  3. All these pictures are wonderful and it's just so nice to see all the sunshine!

  4. You sure did get wonderful photos! thanks for sharing them! (By the way the woodpecker is a pileated woodpecker, not a redheaded)

  5. We have those woodpeckers as well..I just saw one yesterday (but in the snow and no beautiful sun like yours). Great photos!!!

  6. You live in a veritable wildlife sanctuary! Especially love the shots of the North American Domestic Greyhounds.

  7. Oh yes...Ms. Flicker likes to dig holes. Deep holes.