Monday, September 8

Catchin' Up

This past month has been pretty quiet. We've had a few boarders go through the house.
Someone was a toy hoarder.
And thought that poor Kevin needed to be put in that pile. Luckily, it looks like Kevin put up a fight in the doorway.
We have been watching Sunny since she came up about 8 years ago. She's such a sweet girl.
Kelli thinks this bed has the perfect curve for roaching. She uses Kevin for extra support.
Daddy, will you keep brushing my teefers, so they stay this clean?
Stanley doesn't see the point of dog beds, when there is a perfectly good human bed to lay on.
We have watched Buck for many years, but this was the first time we watched his Iggy sister, Hildie. She stayed in the safety of her 'taco' bed for the first couple of days.
When she decide to join in the family room, it was atop blankets and pillows on the couch. And giving me the stinkeye too.
Storm was fresh off the track, and we watched her for a few days. She is a very smart girl, and didn't see the point of the ramp, when she had just learned to do stairs.
After learning stairs and the doggie door, a rest was in order.
With a face like that, how could you not want to adopt her. Luckily, she was already spoken for. 


  1. More fun times at your house! I am glad to see that Kevin is okay. I was a little concerned that he might be in trouble when he didn't fit through the door. It would be very upsetting to see Kevin de-stuffed.

  2. Sounds like a busy month to me!! We just love seeing all your visitors!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  3. I love to see that the dogs are so relaxed and comfortable in your home.How do you keep Kevin looking so new?

  4. Gorgeous photos and your captions are great! Love Kevin in the doorway :) Kelli has the most beautiful smile. Frankie would love a taco bed like Hildie's, it might even keep him from getting under the covers with me at night?

  5. Can't believe someone would try and drag Kevin over to the toy pile, so funny. Ooo, those teefs are gleamy white Kelli - don't forget to floss :)
    Storms new family are very lucky peeps to have found such a clever girl.
    Dip Elliot and Lynne x

  6. Glad Kevin managed to get the better of his attacker:)

    Storm looks like my Polly. Wonder if they are related.

    Love all the photos of the hounds. Little Hildie is adorable.

    You take care.

  7. Ha...Kevin in the doorway. Ziva would love carrying Kevin around. She is our resident hoarder.

  8. Arf arf! Those are some cute photos. :)

  9. I had no idea Kevin had so much fight in him! lol Looks like you've had some very charming house guests lately!

  10. I just love looking at the photo's of your hounds, they are adorable.