Thursday, July 17

Heads Or Tails

For some reason, Kelli likes to lay in Parker’s little bed. Sometimes it’s Tails, with Jenny photobombing.
Sometimes it’s Heads. But she’s a big girl, and it just ain’t happening.
Being the only young one in the group. She likes to do Zoomies. Inside and out. So that’s probably how she scraped a couple of her pads.
Soon she was cleaned up and bandaged.

This is her Oh Woe is Me face. She got a treat for being a good girl through it all. 


  1. Ouch! That makes MY toes curl! I hope she's feeling better soon!

  2. Out of all your umpteen dog beds, Kelli chooses the smallest she can find - crazy girl!
    Ouch, that looks so sore. Hope her pads heal over soon and she can take her sock off.
    Dip Elliot and Lynne x

  3. Poor baby....she does have that "poor baby" look down pat, doesn't she?

  4. (((Kelli))) Hope your paw is much better soon. Polly says to milk it for all it's worth as then you'll get extra treats:)

  5. Crikey Kelli ..... that oh woe is me face is just perfect. You've sure got that one down pat, aye?? I hope that foot gets better real soon. It sure looks sore.
    That bed looks like a pretty comfy spot!!

  6. OUCH! i hope she heals quickly. Jack seemed to get cuts on his pads whenever he ran. I guess some greys just have pads that cut easier than others.

  7. Those pad tears looks so very sore! The head on the bed, or the butt on the bed is hilarious!

  8. Ouch! those pads look sore! Bailey did that once chasing back and forth barking at the 4 wheeler.
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Greta

  9. OUCH! I wonder if it's as painful as it looks? Asher can sympathise as he's managed to get a decent sized cut between the middle toes of his left hind foot. It should have stitches or staples but is in such an awkward place and doesn't really appear to be worrying him that I thought I'd leave it and cross my fingers that it heals quickly and nicely! Here's hoping Kelli's injury does too!

  10. Oocha, that looks so sore! Zoomies can be fatal sometimes, shame they're so much fun! For some reason, that bed looks a little too small for Kelli!
    Have a super week,
    Pippa :)

  11. Such a silly girl! And yikes to those sore pads, hope she healed quickly and could get back to doing zoomies!