Wednesday, November 20

Celebratory Weekend

We had a lot to celebrate this past weekend. 
The last post was about Lena. We took Lena to a Meet ’n Greet on Sunday, and a previous VAGA adopter came with her two girls, and went home with three. She had recently lost her boy, Tristan, who we fostered for about 4 months. First time in a while it’s just been our kids at home.
It was our 10th anniversary on Saturday. We opened a bottle of wine we purchased right after we got married. It was a 2nd Grand Cru, so it held up quite nicely. Still had some tannins left. A well rounded Bordeaux.
Just so happens that our anniversary is also Ms. Jenny’s birthday. She turned double ones. As is tradition in our house, we cooked up steak.
Lets just say that everyone licked their bowls clean. Even Stella, who had just passed her 6 month Ampuversary. 
Jenny and Kelly went straight to napping to help digestion. 
Monday was my birthday, and we celebrated by going to a beer dinner at Magpie with Trina and Jason.

On a sad note, we noticed a new lump on Stella’s hip. On Monday, we took her to our regular vet who took X-rays and a biopsy. It was inconclusive, but considering where it was, what it didn’t show (osteo), and that Stella is a greyhound, the diagnosis was fibrosarcoma. We verified this on Tue with a trip to Stella’s oncologist. Stella has been pampered all year since her amputation and eating whatever she wants (roasted chickens and turkey, grilled steak). So the prescription is more of the same with some pain pills added in. She is in good spirits and doesn’t seem in any pain for now. We cherish every day we have with her.


  1. Congratulations on all you have to celebrate! I'm glad you made the most of all of them.

    And I am so sorry to hear about Stella! That just sucks. I hope that she'll be comfortable and happy with you for a lot longer!

  2. Well many congrats on the various celebrations.

    So sorry to hear about Stella. Hope that the meds will keep her pain free and she has a long time with you yet.

  3. A tripple celebration - Happy Anniversary, Birthday and finding a new home for Lena!
    Bet that birthday dinner went down well with the kids. What a good idea to save a bottle of wine for your 10th.
    We send Stella all our love and special Chi vibes and hope she is with us for a long time to come.
    Lynne and the Chewies. x

  4. So very sorry to read about Stella. It must have taken the gloss off what was a week full of celebrations for you. Here's hoping she's around for many more celebrations in the years to come.

  5. Congratulations on your celebrations. I am also sorry to hear about Stella. I hope she has a lot more time with you.

  6. Sending Stella super doses of love.

    Congratulations on all the happy celebrations!

  7. Congrats to Lena; Happy Anniversary; Happy Birthday!
    Gentle hugs to Stella.

  8. Those babes look like they are"feeling no pain"! A relaxed greyhound is a great sight.

  9. Congrats about the celebrations, sending Stella lots of hugs and good thoughts.

  10. Happy Anniversaryxxx
    lots of special hugs to Stella xxx

  11. Sorry to hear that. Hope everything goes well with Stella, and happy anniversary!