Friday, June 14

Jaime's 11th Birthday

When Jaime first broke her leg, we didn’t think she’d make it to her next birthday. But Jaime turned 11 a couple of weekends ago. We celebrated on time. Just blogging late. 
Jaime waits patiently for momma to cut the cake.
Oh, cake time. Even Stella pops her head in to see what’s up.
Oops. Jaime dropped her piece of cake. Good thing she believes in the 5 second rule.
Stella, being a princess, takes tiny nibbles of cake atop her bed.
Parker knows what’s up.
Jaime back for seconds. It is her birthday.
Jaime enjoys the new ramp extension. We jerry-rigged a piece of our old ramp to extend the ramp, so there really is no step up necessary.
We watched Sallie and Flicker during this time. For some reason, Flicker liked to lay on the stone in front of the fireplace. It’s like she was playing Hide and Seek.
There you are.


  1. Happy Birthday, Jaime! How wonderful...CAKE! Looks like everyone enjoyed. I think of your family and pack often.

  2. Yay Jaime! Happy 11. Here's to a happy 12. Your friends in Maine are sending you best wishes.

  3. Happy Birthday Jamie, looks like you had a wonderful day Sweetheart!
    All our love and best wishes from Dip Bridge Elliot and Lynne x

  4. Happy Birthday, Jaime! Cali is going to protest if she is featured in the blog but not mentioned again..;-) haha Diva rules.

  5. Happy Birthday, Jaime! It looks a fun time was had by all.

  6. Huge belated birthday wishes to Jamie, looks like they appreciated the cake xxxx

  7. Happy Birthday Jamie. Looks like you had a fab day with your family and plenty of cake.

  8. Happy Birthday Jaime. I love the big smile on her face when she comes back for seconds :)

  9. Happy Birthday to sweet Jaime and so fun to get a sneak peek at Flicker! That's an awesome birthday cake and tell Jaime I believe in the 5 second rule too!


  10. I got a feeling Jaime and I share a bithday.... 31st May? Well, an extremely belated Happy Birthday gorgeous!! Deccy x

  11. Happy WOOFY birthday Jaime! Those cakes looked scrummy! It always looks like good fun at your house!
    Pippa :)

  12. I'm so glad Jaime got to enjoy a great birthday, along with her friends and lots of cake!! Those cakes do look good, too. I bet mine would have enjoyed them too (it would have been Jeffie doing the 'Princess' thing here, BTW!).

    You are so good with your dogs. Love the ramp!!