Monday, November 19

Sabrina, Last Boarder, Really

I may have said that Milo and Charlotte were our last boarders at this house. But we got another last minute request for Sabrina. We’ve watched Sabrina since she came up from Florida. How could we say No. Especially since her family was going out of town so that her human sister could help her team win the State High School Girls Field Hockey Championship.
Sabrina is more a couch dog than our guys.
She did come off the couch for some dried squid. We were cleaning out the pantry, and trying to figure out what we were going to take and dried squid did not make the list.
Bone marrow also got thawed out as part of the cleaning out of the freezer.
Stanley: Bone Marrow, I love you!
Stanley: I’m going to lick you, and kiss you, and squeeze you…
Chewing is hard work. Back to the couch.
Next post (barring any more hiccups) will be from the new house.


  1. I'd love to have that many Greys in my home all at once...heaven:)

  2. hmmm..that last photo resembles my couch right now. Can't wait to see the new house!

  3. I hope the move goes smoothly for you! Stanley with the marrow bone is cracking me up!

  4. Looks like the kids enjoyed the larder cleaning exercise! Hope your move goes well and everyone settles in okay.
    Lynne x

  5. After the time she had at your house, I'm sure Sabrina didn't want to go home. Good luck and best wishes with the move!

  6. I am sending my best wishes for a smooth move.

  7. Dried squid? Now that's a new one on us. Happy Moving! Deccy x

  8. Lucky hounds getting to help out with larder cleaning LOl.

    Wishing you a smooth and stress free move.

    Sue and the Taylor hounds xxx

  9. I bet they think you should do a little more cleaning. Dried squid, bet my boys would love that.

  10. Gyeong,
    I noticed that a couple of your photos are missing in this post. That's been happening to me lately, too. Have any ideas why?

  11. that squid looks good, I think Barbie would like one of those!!

  12. Dried Squid! What a strange treat. I hope it was yummy.

    Nubbin wiggles,