Monday, September 3

Full House

The hummingbirds are still here, but will be gone soon.
She looks so cute while guarding the feeder from a good a good vantage point.
Hard to get them in flight. So small and crazy fast.
In a previous post, I wrote about getting the house ready to put on the market. Since Kris’ lab closed at the beginning of the year, and she got a job in Richmond 70 miles away, she is gone about 12 hours a day. So, we are looking for a house closer to work. 
We had the upstairs and kitchen painted a couple of weeks ago. Stanley helped.
And Parker seems to have gotten in the mix too.
Painting is hard work.
With all the changes going on, Stella felt it better to be an ostrich and hide from it all.
Which pushed Kevin over, till it looked like he was touching Jaime’s rump.
And with day breakers coming when I’m not working from home, we’ve really cut back on boarders. We had Savannah, who really just liked to lay in the yard by herself.
And Jarkko, who wondered why this man kept following everyone with a camera.
We’ve turned boarders away recently, but when Trina had a death in the family, we took in her 4 kids and boarder while she was out of town. That’s how we ended up with so many in the last post. Dana isn’t one for new situations, but we’re her second family, so she settled right in.
I followed Shiloh in the yard trying to get a pic. This is her Clint Eastwood ‘Get Off My Lawn’ look. Actually she was laughing at me for calling her name. ‘Don’t you know I’m deaf’?
The next set of shots is called the ‘Jarkko Series’. Jarkko with Jorja. That joke must’ve been really funny.
Jaime sneaks a peak.
Dante with his ‘Hannibal Lecter’ mask. This is what happens when you eat your own poop, then throw it up at 2am.
Jarkko looks away as Cali shakes her head, spit flying everywhere.
Cali, Jarkko, and Dante found something more interesting than my hooping and hollering.
Cali says she is sorry for getting spit all over Jarkko.
Jorja still laughing at that joke.
Parker had to check out why everyone was coming to see Jarkko.
Not sure how she breathes, but Dana loves to sleep on her nose.
Brody likes to snuggle with the stuffies.
Dana eats her food in quadrants. Very methodical. She is at the halfway point here.
It didn’t take long for Cali to snuggle up to Kevin. She couldn’t resist.

Even Shiloh was powerless against Kevin’s charm.


  1. Thank you for watching my kids!! Dana s so funny. Love the photo of Shiloh and Kevin.

  2. Love the photos of your hounds. Just burst out laughing at the one of the Greyhound (sorry can't work out which one it is) laying on the sofa with it's tongue lolling out and spit running down. You have to be a dog lover to appreciate that one:)

  3. Sounds like lots of fun with the boarders. They are such a cute group of characters and I enjoyed hearing all about them. Jorja looks like a hyena, so funny :D
    Good luck with getting the house ready, we have some paint helpers too, specially when we do the skirting boards.
    Have a nice holiday Monday.
    Lynne x

  4. Your house looks like so much fun, maybe I could board there too!

  5. I like Angela's idea, can we come board at your new place?

  6. Love the photo of Stella being an ostrich. Now Truly and Maggie are asking for a Kevin all their own!

  7. I am laughing my head off over this post. There is too much good stuff for me to point out a favorite (sleeping on her nose was particularly good). You captured some pretty wonderful moments. Thank you for sharing them with us. Love it!

  8. I didn't figure you knew what to do without a full house! :) I'm cracking up over those Jarkko pictures. What a handsome dog, and such great expressions!

  9. I was amazed when I was painting my hallway the neither Frankie or Beryl wore any grey paint! It's very narrow but they seemed to know that I wouldn't be impressed if they raced up and down, whew:)

    That Jarkko is a stunner. Who says black dogs are boring? Gorgeous photos, love the one of Cali, Jarkko and Dante and the top of the stairs.

    Good luck with the sale of your house ... and buying a new one that is suitable for all your family and boarders:)

    Oh, and I'm looking forward to a blog post on your nail trimming method:)

  10. Kevin is charming, but with so many dogs, I wonder why noone has thought to try to destuff him yet... Bender would certainly give it a go!

  11. I just love Kevin and how all the dogs love him. I am going to do some painting when I get back home and I can only imagine how much Joey will try and help me. LOL

  12. So many great photos! The drool dripping down on the couch was hysterical though!

  13. Wow what fab photo's! looks like you have loads of guests despite cutting back LOL. Loved seeing all the hounds.

    Good luck with the decorating!

    Love and hugs Sue and the Taylor pack plus Belle

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  15. I love the photo of Dana!! Good luck with going on the market. :)

  16. I love the hummingbirds. Out here they are year round. I wonder if all species are as territorial as the Anna's. One will hide up in a tree and divebomb others that come into the feeders.