Sunday, July 8

Samchon the Babysitter

Samchon is Korean for Uncle. For those of you who know me in real life, this post is quite a departure from my normal routine. I stopped by my mom’s house on Friday on the way back home from a business trip to North Carolina. My sister was there with my niece and nephew. They hadn’t had power at their house for the past week since the crazy storm hit. Not sure exactly how it happened, but I remember something about the kids wanted to see the dogs, and next thing I know, I’m transferring a car seat from their minivan to my Subaru.
They were enthralled by the dogs. Maya and Edo sat out on the ramp watching the kids do their business.
Half the fun of going in and out was using the doggie door. Seth, our current return foster, has to wait his turn, while Edo beats the 100F temp by going back into the A/C.
Maya’s turn. Seth still hasn’t gotten the hang of the doggie door.
You have to be This tall. The orange gorilla makes another appearance.
Jaime: Daddy, Edo put this bed on me, and now I think I’m stuck.
After my kids got over their excitement of having guests, they quickly calmed down. Now how to entertain my niece and nephew? Haven’t played the Wii in a year, but after changing the batteries on the remotes, Mario Kart did the trick for a while.
Are my kids squawker trained? Edo found out just how fast a greyhound can get up from a dead sleep. Stella tries to convince him that she needs that entire stack of treats in his hand.
They won’t go away until all the treats are gone.
Stella ducks her head while Edo does some Wii boxing.
Stella: Seriiously daddy? I’m ok with you bringing home other dogs, but what am I supposed to do with these ‘Little People’?
When video games aren’t enough, they move on to real-life Angry Birds. Good thing I got the Angry Birds toys for the kids at Costco.
All that activity eventually led to ‘I’m Hungry’, then ‘I want noodles’. Sapporo Ichiban it is. ‘Ooh, ooh, it’s hot’.
After adding a couple of ice cubes. Much better.
With a full belly, it was time to sit down to some Nickelodeon. Parker’s little bed must have had the best view.
While Maya multitasks by watching both the tv and YouTube, Stanley decides to keep her company.

It didn’t take long for ‘I’m bored’ to come rolling out. After running out of options, I gave each one an iPad. Whew, that seemed to do the trick.
About that time, my sis called to say they were on their way to pick them up. Hopefully they had a cool time with me and the pups, and think their Samchon is one cool dude.


  1. They've grown so much! It looks like they had a lot of fun with their Uncle :) and I bet your sis and mother enjoyed the free time. Have the furkids recovered from the excitement?


  2. Looks like everyone had fun! I always find it easier to entertain hounds than "real" kids; you seem to have been able to do both, LOL.

  3. I think you would be considered a very cool samchon! I bet the kids are begging for a sleepover the next time. You have extra dog beds, right? :)

  4. I agree with are a very cool samchon!

  5. Oh, the little people had such a good time with you and the kids. I just knew someone was going to end up sitting in one of those dog beds! Love the pics going through the doggy door :)
    Lynne x

  6. Well, you learn something new every day ... I never would have thought to use ice cubes to cool down noodles! Looks like everyone had the best time. Even Kevin looks very relaxed about the visitors:) Yay for dog doors!

    I'm sure you're the coolest Samchon around:)

  7. I think they had a great time, but I bet you were exhausted. LOL

  8. Any uncle who has two spare ipads lying around as got to be cool! Hehe! Deccy x

  9. Yeah, my jaw hit the floor when you told me what you had done that day. You did a good job..I don't think I could have entertained them that long. But they are pretty cute!

  10. Samchon is cool, but I still love Kevin more.

    Real life Angry Birds was pure genius Sanchon.

    My boys like kids because their faces are more convenient to lick. Oh, and kids always have sticky fingers. Mmm. Snacks.