Friday, December 2

Bye Bye Bèbè

No, it's not the name of a musical. We had Beth for a week shy of her one year Gotcha Day. A month shy of her 14th birthday. I had big plans for her Quinceañera, but it wasn’t meant to be. I started calling her Bèbè, and soon, Kris was too.

Not sure why she was given up after being an only dog with the same person for 8 years. Never was given a satisfactory answer. Must have been quite a shock to come to our house.
She was a bit on the skinny side. We fattened her up in no time.
She was still in good health. Her ears were always up.
Yes, Stella, she is coming to stay. You can be Queen of the couch, and she will be the Hall Monitor.
This is the only pic of all the kids on the couch. She was more of a dog bed kinda girl.
We tried to help her relax by playing some soothing music.
It snowed right after we got her. She was all about playing in the snow.
Mommy, I’m ready to play. Throw it already.
We had a ramp built, so she wouldn’t have to deal with stairs. We did carry her upstairs every night, so she could sleep with us.
Since it was bit hard for her to get up by herself, she took to the bolstered beds. She would lay with her rump on the bolster, which gave her leverage for getting up on her own.
She was Ms. Grouchy Pants, aka, the Hallway Troll. If she didn’t like you, better to go thru the kitchen.
We tried to show her a good time. She even got to meet Katy of Needle Noses fame.
At Grapehounds Virginia.
At a waterfall during our trip to Barkwells.
Managed to do a little hike at the North Carolina Arboretum trail.
Hanging out at the annual VAGA picnic.
Hanging out with Trina’s kids at a winery.
Slowly denuding her favorite hedgie.
For her last dinner, each of the kids got a cheeseburger and chicken nuggets with their regular food. She woofed it down. She always ate well and had the best poop in the house. She had a cast iron stomach for a greyhound.
I won’t miss getting up at 3am every night to carry her down the ramp, holding on to her sling while she looked for a good potty spot. We could have kept doing that. But the pain meds couldn’t cover her pain anymore. Run free little girl. We miss you!
Say Hi to Lucas for us. Tell him we still miss him too.


  1. Oh no, so sad. I'm so sorry Beth (Bebe) couldn't be with you all longer. I was just thinking about her in the last day or so. I'm glad she spent her last year with you, I'm sure she was happy. How could she not be with all that hall monitoring and bossing around to be done. :-) She was a great girl.

  2. Sorry for your loss. Thank you for giving her a good home during her last days. So glad that someone loved her during her last year.

  3. So sorry for your loss. Beautiful girl. As always your photos capture the essence of these wonderful creatures.

  4. I'm still sad about this. I knw it was the right decision, but that doesn't mean I can't have wished that she lived for 10 more years. It's always too soon in our hearts.

    I'm lucky to have met her. I remember thinking that she started to find her spunky side. I hope she doesn't tell Tamale off for tarting up to Lucas.

  5. It always makes me cry reading about losing a greyhound after losing my own Guinness..I'm glad you gave her a good life :)

  6. so sorry for your loss, but bless you for giving her that wonderful sunset to her long life.

  7. I'm sorry. It doesn't matter how long they are with us, they still have a way of moving into our hearts quickly.

    She was a beautiful girl and I am ever so thankful that she found her cushion for her last year with you. It sounds like a good match.

    Congrats on the Celebrating Greyhounds calendar page. It was a wonderful image.

  8. I really wish our beautiful 4-legged family members could live longer. I know you do too. So sorry Bebe had to go to the Bridge and I know how difficult it is to have to choose when. But I bet her time with you all was the best part of her life:) Isn't it wonderful you were able to give her that!

  9. You are wonderful people, I'm sorry to hear about Bebe passing on, but she knew real love for a while with you, and that's the greatest thing a hound can experience. Thank you for loving her so well xxx

  10. We will miss her too..I am really glad I was able to spend time with her. And I am very glad she spent her last year with you gave her a great one!!

  11. So very sorry for your loss! What a lovely tribute. :)

  12. I never got to meet her in person, and feel like I lost out on something for that. She had the most amazing family and couldn't have had a better year.


  13. Oh, what a lovely post. It conveyed more than anything how loved she was.


  14. Tears here for you and your family. I'm so sorry! I had hopes she'd keep you all in line for a couple more years. I love that you loved her for who she was from the moment she got there, and that you did everything you could to include her and make her at home! Beth was so lucky to have you for this last, most wonderful year of her life, and I'm sure you're much richer for having known her, as well! I know how it hurts to say good-bye to those sweet old gals. She'll be saving you a seat in Heaven!

  15. I was so sad to read this news on Kristen's FB page. What a beautiful post and so many special memories in the year that she was with you! She was a beautiful girl and you guys gave her all the very best! Hugs to you both!

  16. We're really sorry to hear your sad news. I bet she has nothing but happy memories of her last year with you. Deccy x

  17. I'm so very sorry you have also lost your beautiful Bebe, life can be dam cruel. What a stunner she was and so lucky to have enjoyed her time with you and your gorgeous pack. There are no words really but I send you hugs and thank you for your kind words about Jim.

  18. So sorry to hear the news. No doubt the last year was the best year. Yeah, I just don't know how you give up a dog after 8 years.

  19. I'm so sorry for your loss. I'm so glad you gave her a loving home.