Tuesday, November 1

M&M Kids

We watched Mitch and Michelle’s kids while they took a little tour of Virginia wine country.
Cueball patiently waiting for me to get all the breakfast bowls together.
Pippi is very interested in breakfast.
With a belly full of food, time for a nap. Too much coffee?
Maggie is much better at the nap thing.
Cueball is a grand master roacher.
Booyah says he’s not impressed. His mommy follows him around with the camera too.
Clockwise from the couch is Pippi, Stanley, Stella, Jaime, Parker, Maggie, Booyah, with Murphy and Beth in the middle. The yard was still sopping wet from the rain, so we put sheets down to try to minimize the muddy feet. Steam cleaning is definitely in the carpet’s near future.
As seen on Trina’s blog, we went to a nearby wine festival held next to the local airport. Skydiving was the entertainment for the day. The plane was ‘pooping’ out skydivers every thirty minutes or so.
Looks like the landing will be between the gyro and crab cakes.


  1. Thanks again for watching our kids! I love that pic of Cueball. :)

  2. That Cueball! I have such a weakness for those solid white hounds. It doesn't hurt that they're all gorgeous to start with, either!

  3. Oh what sweeties! We'd be on the ceiling if you piled that many dogs into our living room Hehe! Deccy x

  4. Your lounge room shots of all the bodies everywhere never fail to make me smile:)

  5. You have the best greyhound resting pictures.

  6. Cueball definitely knows how to roach!

  7. Stanley is one very brave boy - that is just too funny! Great pics of the Ridlon kids!

  8. Pooping out skydivers. Ha ha ha! Made. My. Day.

    So many contented nappers. Reading this on the way to work is cruel.