Wednesday, August 24

Head Shots

Head shots aren’t just for models. I was practicing with my 50mm f/1.4. Since we had 12 dogs in the house this weekend, I had plenty of ‘willing’ participants. This style lens is discussed in more detail at Shutterhounds, which I ran across on the Greyhounds Can Sit blog.
Walker decided to curl up on a blanket at the corner of the couch. Not surprisingly, it was musical dog beds all weekend.
Nike under a chair to insure she doesn’t accidentally get stepped on.
Parker thinks that is a superb idea.
Seeing eye to eye with Sunny.
Was Jaime able to see the impending earthquake? It was magnitude 5.9, and the epicenter was 25 miles away from my house in Mineral, VA. Jaime loves her ‘Thunder Shirt’ and wants to know if anyone has experience with ‘Earthquake Shirts’.
Poor 'Great Star' had been shuffled around to several foster homes since his arrival a couple of weeks ago. Hopefully we will find him a forever home soon.
Face to face with Blue.
Sunny has Cleopatra eyes. I was singing ‘Betty Davis Eyes’ in my head.
Sisters, Ella and Nike, sunning themselves in the yard?
Or were they busted running around the yard by the Fun Police. Looks like Stella is telling them what for.
Mr. Mantis wishing he had a proboscis. No head shot for him until I get a Macro lens.


  1. I thought you knew about Shutterhounds or I'd have shared it with you long ago! I really admire the shots he gets and he's been very nice helping me learn some things. I need to learn a lot more and stop relying on those settings on the top, but there never seems to be enough time.

    I love all those head shots you got! I love how expressive Greyhound eyes always are.

  2. It is cool to see the specs on the photos, so I can compare them to mine. He has Nikon and I'm a Canon, but I think we have very similar setups with lenses.

  3. Love that first one! I guess I'll have to check out Shutterhounds. Not that I have a fancy camera.

  4. You got some really nice shots!! I LOVE the one of Parker. What "tender eyes".

  5. Finally I have become a Follower of your smashing blog.

    Thanks for dropping in on my blog and leaving your comments.

    I am just loving all those fab Greyhounds in your house.

  6. greyhounds are the BEST models for beauty shots - they just lay there and look gorgeous! No fast moves or blurry shots. Really nice batch of pics! (I've been thinking of getting a "prime" lens for my Canon ...)

  7. Awesome pics, G! Parker is as photogenic as ever and Stella glaring made me laugh :) Star is sooo handsome!


  8. Jaime's pic is my fav from this group :) I bought a thundershirt for Puddin, but unfortunately it doesn't seem to help her very much! I had high hopes since I've read so many good reviews about it.

  9. Love your practice shots:) The photos of Ella and Nike with Stella are so funny! And I could drown in Sunny's eyes:)

    Shutterhounds blog is a treasure I think:)

  10. Lol, that was so funny, I was commenting here at exactly the same time you were commenting on my blog ... except I'm a few days late!!

  11. Nice head shots. I love Steve's blog! It is great he shares what lenses he is using. Very helpful! Been following his blog for months now. :)

  12. Great pictures! The one with the three in the grass reminds me of a smiley face.

  13. Great light and terrific pictures - you have some frameables here! :)