Sunday, September 19

Busy Babysitters

Had a busy few weeks babysitting. Buck is a cow-dog, and even has a ‘kissy spot’ like Trina’s ‘Dana RooRooPants’. We were also watching Dusty, Fern, and Sunny that week.

The following week. From bottom left is Stella, Parker, Kris, Stanley, Jaime, Roadie, Sallie, Chaska, and Manny.

Roadie takes a nap in the little couch, while his sister Sallie demonstrates an awesome roach.

The following week was Milo, Charlotte, and Lucy the Beagle. All 90 lbs of Milo fitting surprisingly well into one of Parker’s beds.

During a day when we had no extras, I piled the dog beds, so I could vacuum. Where’s Jaime?

Total elapsed time was about 30 minutes for Stanley slide off his original bed, and somehow slide his head under the poofy bed.

Speaking of visitors, a walking stick hung out on one of the plants on the deck.

Our next group was Jack, Savannah, and Buster. Buster is toy lover. Here he is in action.

Parker observes the aftermath.

Buster observes his handiwork. Parker is laying among the toys next to Savannah. Stella and Jaime are on the couch. Stanley lays next to Jack on the dog beds.

A couple weekends ago, we went to Neighborfest in downtown Fredericksburg. No one could resist stopping and petting the greyhounds.

Linda and Debbie catch up while Sophie (fawn) and Leah (cow-dog) take a break from greeting people.

If you aren’t already, you can follow the Rescue of Sweetheart the Greyhound. Warning: some of the initial pictures of her condition might be a bit too much for some.

Also, since Kris joined Facebook a few weeks ago and has been posting greyhound pics, it will feel like a year in ‘Facebook time’ by the time those updates hit my blog. Updating the blog every few weeks is enough for me, so I’m still holding out on joining Facebook :)


  1. Love the pic of Parker observing the aftermath. Too funny! :)

  2. That picture of Jamie in the dog beds killed me! You guys sure have been busy!

  3. It turns out that you guys won't be babysitting our three in Oct after all. I told Kris that I was really looking forward to the pictures you would have taken of them though!!! Macy is happy she's not going since she says putting up with two dogs is already enough. I told Buford and he said, huh- I didn't know I was going anywhere to begin with? Puddin is totally bummed! She was excited about new toys and greys that like to snuggle! Maybe another time :)

  4. Stanley is such a goofball. haha

  5. Quit holding out - you're missing a ton of fun! :)

    Now where did Buck go off to, because I'm in love.

  6. it looks like stanley's giving kris dreamy schmoopie looks. stanley--he's just a sad one. drippy dreamy to kris, can't stay on the bed. what a mess.

    is he for sale?

  7. oh, and yeah--quit being a facebook weenie!

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