Sunday, May 16

Mother's Day and Grapehounds Virginia

My family came over for Mother’s Day. The kids were nice enough to share the couch with my brother-in-law and nephew while they play with my new iPad.
After playing with the koi pond and piano app, Edo decides he is one of the greyhounds. This bed is very comfy.
Looking for the perfect squeaky toy.
Our garage was temporarily taken over with VAGA store items from the basement going to Greyhounds in Gettysburg and Grapehounds Virginia. Our latest item was a greyhound statue.
Going up to Grapehounds Virginia, we put Stanley in Trina’s ‘Beast’, so we could fit a statue in the Subaru. Jaime didn’t seem to mind.
There was lots of vending on Saturday at Tarara Winery.
Of course we did the wine tasting. With over 150 wineries in Virginia to visit, we rarely get to hit the wineries in Northern Virginia.
Wine tasting tired the kids out.
We hit a few more wineries on the way back home. Barrel Oak Winery (BOW) is very dog-friendly. They actually have wine barrel staves at the tasting bar to hang leashes on. Cali, Jaime, and Stanley wait for their mommies to finish wine tasting. Stella would not be seen laying on a hard wooden floor without a cushy bed.


  1. Your kids CRACK ME ALL THE WAY UP! They just crash out anywhere, and in any position, don't they? The winery shot is a classic, would lend itself to any number of hilarious captions! Just looking at them, amidst all those people, is hilarious by itself. Now if you could just get them to calm down a bit!! I LOVE them and the shots you capture of them! Thank you!

  2. I envy you being close enough to go to Grapehounds! It's really a shame that your hounds couldn't relax and unwind there, though!

  3. Edo is a looker. Why do parents buy fancy beds when a round doggy pad is just the right size?

    T and K using dogs to pick up peeps at the bar. Tsk.

  4. Cute pics! Grapehounds was awesome! :) Thanks for letting our statue live in your garage until we could pick it up.

  5. It looks like Cali, Jaime, and Stanley had their own wine tasting!

  6. The statues look so much smaller( and lighter) in the garage than in person. LOL!!!

  7. You have an Ipad? Wow, I'm way behind. Edo is adorable, by the way. And the greys are as always more adorable than words can describe. I miss those wineries!


  8. That last pic just has Greyhound lazy written all, over it. How funny to always find pics of them collapsed in public.

    Wish I could have gone!

  9. it was a lot of fun. A photo of when we got home would have been interesting too. We all CRASHED and were asleep early. Grapehounds wore us all out. so much fun!

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