Tuesday, January 26

Sweet Pea and Yahtzee

Kris and I haven’t done a dog haul in quite a while. We picked up three this past weekend. All had homes, but we kept one girl overnight till her new mommy could pick her up the next day. Sweet Pea is a tiny shy girl.She didn’t seem so shy when her new mommy and sister came to pick her up. Esprit is 11 years old.Yahtzee is staying with us while she recovers from this.A trip to the vet got her an E-collar. From the look on her face, I’m guessing the camera shutter noise is probably bouncing around inside the cone.Nice stitching job. The drain should help with the edema.It didn’t take her long before she was feeling better and claimed a dog bed. She’s so small, she actually fits in.By the second day, she felt so good, it was time to claim a space on the couch.This is Stanley’s feeble attempt at the ‘dogpile’ contest.


  1. So glad Yahtzee is recovering at "The Park Hotel" for the needy : ) and that Sweet Pea found the perfect forever home. It's all good.

  2. I think Stanley should get extra points since that thing is huge!

    Poor Yahtzee! That looks like it hurt!

    I miss getting dogs off the hauls. The group we used to help with that doesn't exist anymore.

  3. Glad to see that Yahtzee is recovering with camera-echo therapy.

    Okay, you know one of us was going to go there, so let it be me:
    With Yahtzee, you have a full house.

    boom tish. thank you thank you. you're a great audience. I mean it.

    By the way, where does one get the weenie dog from Gigantoville? I must have. Surely that'll throw them at customs. Contents of box: 1 enormous weenie toy.

  4. Awww Yahtzee, I am sure they will fix you up good as new. (But make sure to milk it for lots of sympathy and treats!)
    Way to go Stanley- they should give you points per covered inch ;)

  5. I love dog hauls! I think it is so exciting to watch the dogs come off of the hauler and into freedom! I think that was your Stella that was gracing the pages of my Celebrating Greyhound Desktop Calendar last week!

  6. The picture of Stanley made me laugh, that's just his style!

  7. That is some owey tha Yahtzee has, glad she is feeling better!

    Good Luck Stanley! That one big toy is worth like 20 little ones!


  8. Damn does that look painful!

    I want to steal Sweet Pea...

  9. Aww, I love Yahtzee! She's beautiful. Hope she is recovering nicely!

    And as always... Stanley... swoon!

  10. Yahtzee is sooooooo cute! Thanks for helping her recover :)