Sunday, December 13

First Snow & Parade

We had our first snow the other week. The snow has come and gone, but as usual, I am a week or so behind. It was a wet heavy snow, so the kids didn’t particularly enjoy it like the light fluffy stuff. They only stayed out for a few minutes for pictures.
Stella was not happy with the noise the snowplow was making. Stanley and Tristan join the action.Stanley and Jaime standoff against Stella. 'You go left, I'll go right'.
'No, your other left'.Parker watches the action from the safety of the deck.Stella, Stanley, Jaime, and Tristan huddle together for warmth.Can we go in now? It’s cold and wet out here!We dressed the kids up in the parking deck before heading down for the Fredericksburg Christmas Parade. The kids did not enjoy walking in the cold rain. Check out more pics at VAGA News.


  1. I couldn't find Jaime in the photo where they were huddled. I had to follow the legs and still didn't find him for a bit.

    I love photo shots of greys in snow. More. It's muggy as all get out here. Greys in snow is my favourite p()rn.

  2. Parker looks like he's patiently waiting to get out of the jailhouse so he can have some fun too! Your guys handle being dressed up much better than ours!

  3. Parker does look like he is waiting to get out of the jailhouse. LOL! They look cute all dressed up for the parade. :)

  4. Ah, send one good snowfall to GA this year! Love the pics.

  5. Not fair..yet again you get snow and we don't..60 miles is NOT far enough to have different weather!

  6. At least your hounds seem to dog it - Nigel won't run in the snow, chicken that he is.

    Fortunately, we have seen less than two inches of snow so far. :)

  7. OMG!!! Their amazing!! so cuuute!! hahahahahah just wonderful!!

  8. Lovely blog. My parents used to have a greyhound but she sadly died. They were totally besotted, she was the best dog they ever had! Thanks for sharing, its bringing back so many memories :-)

    Peace and Love

    H x