Saturday, August 8

Fredericksburg Fair

The week after Grapehounds, we had a couple of girls stay with us. Sabrina has been here many times before. As an only dog, it’s like a big slumber party for her at our house.Unlike Stella, Jaime does not need a cushy bed to take a nap.The other girl was Zoey. She stayed with us overnight until her new family could pick her up. You might remember her as the Ninja Grey from Hope and Greyz. Very sweet girl.The Friday we were at Grapehounds, VAGA had a tent at the Fredericksburg Fair. The greys got a week’s rest, and we came back the following Saturday. Stella’s wondering what she did wrong to end up as the donation dog getting molested by a barefoot kid with an ice cream-smeared face.He couldn’t get enough of the greys. He looks like he’s about to mount Sophie and go for a ride.Parker, Stella, and Sabrina are very curious about the baby cows.We had many visitors to the VAGA tent.It was surprising nice for a late July day, but still hot in the sun. Sophie and Harry cool off under the water misters.What gets more attention than a greyhound at the fair? A greyhound with booties on. “Oh look, that doggie’s got shoes on!”Stanley does his fish out of water impression. He wriggles around, tail flapping, and mouth agape.We had a great time at the Fred Fair and look forward to going back next year.


  1. Love the fish out of water impersonation. =) I wish we had events like this in the Richmond area.

  2. I heard that Macy and Buford had a good time seeing all the sights at the fair...maybe I'll make it next year.

  3. Zoey is so skinny!

    I'm surprised they all weren't more skeptical of the baby cow. I think mine would tuck tail and run if they saw it move.

  4. Thanks for the free virtual tour. The dogs seem as happy as ever! And lest I forget, I'm giving you a nod tomorrow. :)

  5. Hi there!
    Linked to your blog via Life with Dogs, what a great site you've got here! We might seem a little our of place (my blog is about my French bulldog, Brutus), but there are 3 greyhounds in my extended family. Just love how graceful & gentle they are, and with a unique sense of humor. Great to finally find some hound blogs, and you look like quite a fun bunch (dogs & wine - can't think of a better way to spend a day!!). Feel free to stop over at our blog sometime - mostly my little flat-faced guy, but there is an occasional appearance by a greyhound!

    Michelle & Brutus the Frenchie

  6. wow looks like a great time - we got sent over by life with dogs - it is a pleasure to meet you wew are the bully brats

    what a greta bloggie you have

    Woodrow - Sweetie - MJ

  7. OMD!!!! You are the cutest gaggle of greyhounds!! We came over to visit on Life with Dogs recommendation and we are so very glad we did!!!!

    We will check back often to see how everyone is doing!

    Friday Smileys!