Friday, December 12

Fredericksburg Christmas Parade

We had quite the turnout this year for the annual Fredericksburg Christmas Parade. We had 40+ hounds attend this year with a handful of non-grey siblings. Parker would have been sad if he missed out. He had to rest up if he was going to keep up with the greys.
We still had Elsa and Pippi with us. Hard to get a shot of the kids when they are so excited to be in the parade. We put their coats on in the parking garage, but saved their hats and antlers for later.
Not sure who this is, but she makes a cute reindeer. Author's note 12/14: Found out this cute girl is Gracie.
Allie and Sandy are all lit up. They had just made a cross country trip, but made it back in time for the parade.
Stanley does his best caribou impression.
Doing impressions is hard work. Even though it was lightly snowing, Stanley thought he better grab a cat nap in the staging area of the parade. Maybe we should’ve just put him in the wagon behind him.
A shot from the back of the parade. I had Stanley, and he wanted to be up at the front. Usually, I’m holding on to mulitple dogs, but we had lots of extra hands this year, so even though we came with 6 kids between the two of us, we only had one dog each.
VAGA representin’ at the parade.
Even though the snow was changing to rain, the kids were happy to be out since the crowds were cheering them on.


  1. Looks like everyone had a greyt time. We had to go to a wedding that night and missed it. That is an adorable picture of Parker!

  2. The parade looks like a lot of fun! We hope to make it one year. =)

  3. Stanley laying down before the parade is too funny. Parades are so much fun. Looking forward to doing it again next year. The picture of Parker is one of the cutest you've ever taken of him : )

  4. Looks like they had a great time!

  5. the light up coats are awesome. how you got a pic with all those dogs all facing the same way with one person holding them i will never know. a christmas miracle!

  6. That was a lot of fun! I love the shot of Stanley laying wouldn't know from looking at him that the ground is freezing cold!

  7. a parade?!
    i'm ripped off. next time i'm in the u.s., i want a parade.