Wednesday, June 18

Mountain Hounds & Golf Tournament

A couple of weekends ago, Jaime went to Mountain Hounds with her mommy. Stanley got to go to Sandy Paws. Stella would rather stay home with her daddy. Jaime turned 5 years old while on vacation. Check out more at VAGA Blog
A rare sighting of the Jaime ETS. Stella, sometimes. Stanley, all the time. Mountain Hounds just wore her out.
The following weekend was our annual VAGA Golf Tournament. Check out the slideshow at the VAGA Blog. It was crazy hot. Staying cool was the priority of the day. My idea of golfing would be from an Adirondack with a beer in hand.
Well, it’s been a year since we lost Lucas. Maybe the girls understood too and are consoling each other. They have been really scoochy with each other lately. This is what happens when I forget to fill up the bird feeder. Hey mister, we’re hungry out here. I guess he thinks showing me the ‘family jewels’ is the secret to getting me to fill up the feeder. This would drive Bella absolutely batty. Our guys didn’t bother getting off the couch.
They might be segregated on the couch, but they all drink out of the same water bowl.


  1. I was thinking about you guys on Sunday..sorry I couldn't be here to give you a hug!
    Your Squirrels are just rude!!!

  2. The girls look so cute together!
    Wish ours would snuggle up together like that. :)

    Can't believe it has been a year. Hugs from your greyhound friends.

  3. OK Gyeong, I am here posting, Ha Ha Ha. I do love reading all your fun Blog Posts. The pictures are amazing. LOVE the one with Stella & Jaime laying so close together. Hard to believe it's actually Stella.

  4. That photo of the girls is just gorgeous.

  5. male golfers... no, sorry. they just don't look as hot splashing water on themselves. even i, a straight woman, can say that swedish twins top that.

  6. We've been thinking of you guys...we miss you! Give the pups extra hugs from us- and poke that squirrel in the belly!