Sunday, April 6

Jaime's Gotcha Day & Musical Greyhounds

Today is Jaime’s Gotcha Day. One whole year. Sometimes she still has that look like we’re gonna give her away. We’ve had enough fosters come and go in the past year, so hopefully she understands she’s here for good. We love our sensitive smiling girl.

Jaime was returned from two homes before settling with us. Maybe that’s why we had a rash of returns this week. In the past five days, we’ve played musical greyhounds with three girls who were returned. Amazingly, it looks like two of them have already found new homes, and only one is in foster.
I picked up Nellie on Wed. I would later pick up her sister, Tigress on Saturday. Their mommy is in the National Guard and was called into active service in Iraq. This is not a political blog, so I will just say that this really sucks. I picked up Bella on Friday, and swapped her for Tigress on Saturday.
Nellie sticking her tongue out without opening her mouth.

How does she achieve this feat? That is quite the overbite.
Nellie says, ‘I will eat you and make you part of me’.
Instant chimera. The Jaime-Nellie Siamese greyhound.

After separation surgery, Nellie celebrated by hopping around on one foot.

Bella is a sweet girl. She didn’t get to run around much after arriving at our house. After a few romps in the yard, she managed to rip off a toenail. After cleaning, antiobiotic ointment, wrapping in gauze and vet wrap, topped off with a boot, she really didn’t feel like running around the yard. So her pics are of her resting on the dog bed.

Tigress is sad that she’s been moving around so much lately.

She perked up when she heard we had a Meet ‘n Greet that afternoon. She got to make to lots of new friends.
So I will end this entry the same way as the last one. We are back to just our kids. Bella went to a home visit on Saturday and ended up staying there. Nellie made the rounds at the Meet ‘n Greet, and she caught the hearts of a family that recently adopted two greys. Tigress went to another foster family in the area.


  1. you get the best photos!

    and i see some jaimie tongue. do you ever wonder if your house gets the reputation among greyhounds that it's just a party house? not a house to go to for any seriousness? huh? do you think they've seen trina's video on youtube?

    oh how many times can i bring that up? FOREVER!

    karma. i know. i know.

  2. Love the Jamie/Nellie combo shot... such happy hounds!!

  3. i have to agree with katy - you do get the BEST pictures. And all of your dogs - permanent or temporary all seem to run and have so much fun together. I love it. Happy Gotcha Day Jamie. Nothing is better than a black female. :)

  4. Happy Gotcha day, Jaime!! I will give you a smooch and ear scritch this weekend. YOu need a turnstile for a front door, too. ;-)

  5. I love your pics! I show them to a friend of mine who takes the track photos as he is use to just seeing hounds in full flight! I have gotten him use to the idea that it is perfectly 'normally' to take pics of your hounds in EVERY poition - sleeping/eating/drooling/kissing/rooing
    everything makes a cool photo!

    Love that Snorkelface!