Monday, July 23

Buster and Friends Arrive

Nothing like getting up at 3am to drive 4.5hrs to pick up some doggies. Another volunteer and I split up the seven dogs. Nothing like that kennel smell. I put four in the back of the 4Runner and made it back home a bit before 1pm. I dropped off one of the dogs at a Meet ‘n Greet to be taken to Northern Virginia. So three made it back to my house to be picked up by another volunteer to make the final leg of their trip. The three that made it to the house were HKF Ruby, Iruska Baron, and RJ’s Buster Bar. Of course Buster Bar will be coming back to our house. After meeting him on Saturday, we’re leaning toward the name ‘Stanley’.

Here is Buster standing next to the Juniper he just peed on.
Baron is trying to figure out if Parker is some kinda stunted greyhound.
Jaime is ecstatic to have someone who will run around the yard with her. Lucas was always up for a good run around the yard. Stella not so much.
Stella in the background doing her impression of Ruby.
So, you’re Buster. I’ve heard about you. I need to get a whiff to make up my own mind.
My turn. Mind if I use my tongue?
Stella and Buster have a similar brindle color and whitish face. Buster has very distinctive eyes. Very penetrating.
Ruby does her impression of the very rarely seen vampire greyhound.
There was a toad in the yard. Buster came over to check out what I was looking at, but couldn’t seem to find it. It’s the little lump in the grass next to his foot. Luckily I didn’t have to clean up toad bits.
He says he is glad he didn’t get smushed.


  1. Having met Buster/Stanley..I can say he is handsome and goofy..just the way we like them! I can't wait to get to know him better!!!!! woohooo!!!
    That toad had NO idea how close he came to becoming goo.

  2. staaaaannnlleeeeeeeey! now one of you needs to dress up jaime in a caftan mumu like thing so she can be mrs roper.

    he's handsome. and jaime happy again?

    were you tempted to keep the vampire hound, too? c'mon, you were a bit.

  3. what a beauty! kenney and i can't wait to meet him! his coloring is just wonderful- i love the firey colored brindles. stanley is a good name too. does he run around with jaime yet?