Saturday, June 10

VAGA Golf Tournament

Today was the VAGA golf tournament at Lee’s Hill Golf course. To prepare for this, Trina and Aubry stayed with us and helped us finish a few bottles of wine by the fire in the pagoda till about 2am. Needless to say, when we showed up to help this morning at 8:15 am, we were not in great shape. None of us had been on a golf course much less a golf tournament, so we were pretty much lost as to what to do. We ended up getting assigned to the beverage cart duties. Kris and I drove the golf cart with the sodas, and Trina and Aubry had the beer cart. They were much more popular. It was quite fun zipping around on the golf carts. We had quite a turnout of volunteers for the event. There were many greyhounds to greet golfers as they hit the links. All in all, it was a very successful event. Could possibly be our biggest single fundraising event all year. Afterwards, we went to our niece Kendall’s 2nd birthday party. There were 14 little screaming kids, and only Kris and I seemed to notice the ruckus and chaos that ensued. The parents had learned to tune it all out. I think we will just stick with our greyhounds :) After the party, we went into Kris’ lab for a few hours, so she could get her weekend work done tonight because tomorrow we will be spending the majority of the day driving to Wilson, NC to pick up two greys. One is LnL Fast Lindsay (Debbie’s Ally’s pup) and the other is Heat Capacity. On another note, I was reminded today that I have been slacking on updating my website pictures. Thanks Barb :) I will try to update them within the next week.

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  1. Yea! I can't wait to see lots of new pix, greyhound and otherwise. :>) OK, so I need a life...